Spring in the Columbia River Gorge

May 01, 2018

Spring in the Columbia River Gorge

We start most of our email newsletters with "Greetings from Mosier, Oregon." That's because we love where we live and work. It's gorgeous, close enough to Portland for a day trip, but far enough away (and protected by the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area) so that seeing deer, wild turkeys and other critters is commonplace.

Spring knocks your socks off here. Flowers are everywhere, high and low. Arrow Leaf Balsam Root, Bachelor Buttons, Lupine, Indian Paint Brush, Dogwood, Cherry Blossoms, the list goes on and on. The "Gorge" is known for its outdoor recreation, and this time of year we start to see kiteboarders and windsurfers on the Columbia, mountain bikes in the backs of pickup trucks, and road bikes on the roads (especially in the mornings before it gets breezy).

For Resource Revival, spring is an exciting time. Bicycle shops are busy getting people's bikes ready for summer, so they are generating lots of used chain to send to us. That's good because every day we receive orders for custom medals for upcoming bike rides and races and Fathers Day is just around the corner. So we're firing on all cylinders (pedaling in all gears?), from breaking and washing chain to welding and sandblasting frames and bowls to laser engraving and assembling medals and bottle openers. But when we're not working we're probably outside walking, biking, hiking, etc. Its simply too magical to miss.