It all started with a flat tire...

In 1991 I was biking to my recycling job in Portland, Oregon, when I got a flat tire. I took out the inner tube and wondered "what happens to all the bike parts that get thrown away?" So I began dumpster diving and tinkering with product ideas in my spare time and, with the encouragement of friends, launched Resource Revival in 1994.

Today we are a small team of makers dedicated to recycling, quality, and customer service. We collect tons of parts each year and clean them with no harmful solvents. After 20+ years we're experienced in filling orders, large and small. Our customers range from mom and pop gift shops to Fortune 500 companies, and we still make everything in our workshop in Oregon.

By crafting durable products from recycled materials our hope is to provide meaningful alternatives to imported junk, and to inspire others to do the same.



Graham Bergh, Founder