Tweezers, Front and Center

May 15, 2018

Tweezers, Front and Center

At Resource Revival, we use a wide range of tools and equipment in our workshop. We have at least seven different types of hammers, various cutting tools, two laser engravers, several critical pieces of equipment new in boxes ready to use if the current one breaks down, etc. But no tool is more important than our humble tweezers.

We handle literally tons of recycled bike chain every month. Sometimes a tiny sliver of metal peels off a chain plate due to wear. These are small and hard to see, and easily stick right into your finger. Thankfully, unlike some wood splinters, these metal slivers stay in one piece and are easy to pluck out with tweezers. We used to store our tweezers in our first aid kit, but years ago some genius on staff stuck a magnet to the side of one of our shelving units right in the middle of our workspace. Since then, the tweezers live on that magnet, with a sweet little "tweezers" sign posted above. The shelf is head height, so the tweezers don't get knocked off and are easy for everyone to reach. Now, getting a sliver is more of an invite to stand up and stretch then a problem to solve.

One of my rules about tools is to buy good ones, which means paying a little more. Saving money up front almost always ends up costing more down the road. This rule applies to tweezers as well. Based on our experience we like two kinds: the Sliver Gripper and the TweezerGuru Slant Tweezers. Both do an excellent job and seem to last forever. (We don't make any money from tweezer sales.)

One of the joys of running a business is dialing in details like this. If you made it this far in this post there was probably something interesting about it. I hope so. Thanks for reading.